Lemurian Crystals for awakening your inner Frequencies of true Joy, Awareness & Happiness


4 Quick and easy steps toward your personalized talisman

1. Click on "ORDER" & choose a date for your personal coding-appointment with the Shaman

After clicking on Order the schedule system "Calendly" opens. Choose your prefered time for your personal appointment with the Shaman, where he tunes into your vibe to channel the codes meant for you.

2. Make the payment via Paypal

After scheduling your appointment, you receive an email with the confirmation of your appointment and the payment-link. The Payment has to be done before the channeling-experience.

3. Experience live the channeling and coding of your personal talisman

Receive the Zoom-Link that guides you to meet with the Shaman. Relax and experience fully how he receives the information about your talisman & the message the talisman has for you.

4. Connect with your personalized talisman body to body within 7 days after the coding

Within 7 days after the coding you will receive your personalized crystal delivered to your home. It's now time to connect with your talisman body to body and let its magic work in connection with you.

We love our Crystals-family!
They are the engine of fearless love, truth & alignment

About Jeroen

Shaman & Coder of Lemurian Crystals

"A talisman from Mother Earth takes you beyond life to see the unseen ... and opens the channels for the change you want in your life."

Shaman Jeroen

Jeroen is a man who lives with the vision of growth (wholeness), oneness in himself and with the life all around him.

He loves everything in life and his greatest value is to be his authentic self and to live, to shine his warmth and light into the world, without any judgment of himself or anyone else.

He sees life and all the connections as a mirror to discover who you really are from deep within.

Experience live the channeling of YOUR personal codes by the Shaman

... and connect with sacred geometry, codes and frequencies that elevate your Merkaba into a high and healthy state of being

Join the movement of transformation & truth. We are called to.

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